Scientific explanation of mountains movement on verse 88 of Surah al-Naml from the Noble Qur'an

Document Type : Research Paper


Faculty of Earth sciences, Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran


Verse 88 of Surah al-Naml has likened mountains to moving clouds. Although in the previous centuries, most exegetes considered the movement of mountains as one of the pre-resurrection events, new scientific findings in geology and meteorology have brought new aspects of this similarity to scholars. this study aims to present a new understanding about verse 88 of Surah al-Namal and identify the similarities between the movement of mountains and clouds, according to the reference scientific texts in geology and meteorology. The results showed that the similarity of mountains to clouds, in addition to the direction and speed of movement previously specified, is in the mechanism of motion, layers and constituents. Earlier, many exegetes considered the movement of the mountains to be related to the resurrection and did not see it as compatible with the current conditions of the mountains but today, scientific findings show that the movement of mountains in several aspects is like clouds: 1. Mountain movements are influenced by the movement of earth's twenty plates, in different directions including orbital, meridian, combination of the two and ascending. Clouds also show all four side of movement in the atmosphere. 2. The movement of mountains is slow and at a speed of several millimeters or a few centimeters per year, and the movement of clouds is also slow in the sky. 3. The mountains move on the edge of the plates in an upward motion on the edge of the opposite plate, and this phenomenon can be seen in the front clouds of the warm air mass, i.e. the cold air mass creeps upwards at the front. 4. The mountains continue to evolve even as they move with tectonics forces from below and erosion forces from above. Clouds also evolve from above while moving, by converging currents from below and diverging from above.